Art. Science. Creativity. Passion. These are words used to describe Adam Frantz’s drive to design award winning beer. Hailing from a small farm in rural Vermont, Adam brings with him a respect for hard work, artisan craftsmanship, and a degree in biology that keeps him focused on the science of his craft.  He started as an award winning home brewer specializing in brewing double IPA’s and farmhouse style ales. After spending 13 months traveling around the world he returned with a drive to experiment with new unique flavors. Adam started his brewing career with Mac & Jack’s in Redmond, moved on to become Head Brewer at American in Edmonds, and is now the Head Brewer here at Belltown Brewing. He likes to "tell a story with every beer he crafts," one that gives meaning to each ingredient chosen, resulting in a beer that will translate perfectly to your palate. 


Aaron is an award-winning Chef-Consultant and Managing Partner of the boutique food consulting agency, Concept Kitchen + Bar and now the Group Chef for Belltown Hospitality Group. In addition to consultant brand work, Chef Barker works to integrate and on-board technologies in food service and agricultural applications for better community scaling. Chef Barker consults with technology and software communities, agriculture, hospitality and health services industries to design advanced ergonomic and low emissions food service equipment with a zero waste attribute.