Belltown Brewing invites you—our fellow beer fanatics, connoisseurs, enthusiasts, et al.—to join the Belltown Brewing Stein Society. A beer club that explores new trends, revives old favorites, and delves into hard-to-find varieties.

Lifetime Membership Includes:

$1 off any beer purchase using your mug.

First rights to promotions.

Special Stein Society parties.

Exclusive brewmaster dinners.

Discounts on regular Belltown Brewing beer events + dinners

First tastes of unique and/or new beers.

And more!

There is a one-time $49.99 cost and includes a personalized 17oz. stein with your name and mug number printed on it. Belltown Brewing will store your stein safely inside the bar for you to use and enjoy every time you come in!

(Use it or lose it. If you go 45 consecutive days without using your mug, we will be forced to suspend you for 14 days and will send you a reminder email. If you go another 14 days without using it, we be forced to give your number away to the next beer lover in line.)

How To Join

Visit Belltown Brewing today to purchase your custom stein!